Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

chronic lyme disease ma treatmentTreatment for chronic Lyme disease traditionally consists of rounds of strong antibiotics and pain management therapies. At Lyme Laser Centers, we take a different approach with our wellness protocol. Here, we do not prescribe antibiotics or any other treatments that will reduce your body’s ability to fight off infection. Our founder, Dr. Douglas Wine, found an alternative protocol. As a Lyme disease sufferer of nearly 30 years, he understands the pain, suffering, and emotional difficulties the condition creates. Learn more about our results on our patient stories page.

7 Reasons to Choose Our Program Instead of Treatment for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose and address. Often, patients recognize they have the condition long before a medical professional validates the diagnosis. At Lyme Laser Centers, our program for chronic Lyme disease involves an hour-long assessment, review, and customized 12-week protocol for directly addressing the source of the disease as well as the cofactors that contribute to your suffering. Consider these reasons to contact our team as you research the disease and your options:

  • Our staff members understand your plight. Every one of our staff members has Lyme disease and has experienced our 12-week protocol. When you contact us to schedule your initial assessment, you will speak to someone who completely understands what you’re going through. We all have different experiences with the condition and with treatment for Lyme disease, but our similarities bring us together.

Here, you’ll find more than a doctor’s office. You’ll find a dedicated support group who wants to see you thrive after enduring months or years of agony as the result of Lyme disease. Whether you were recently diagnosed with an acute case of Lyme or you’ve struggled for years, instead of a traditional treatment for chronic Lyme disease, we’ve designed a special protocol to help you journey back to a high quality of life.

  • We offer holistic care for Lyme disease. Holistic doesn’t mean naturopathic or alternative, although many therapies may fall under those categories. Instead, we use it to describe our ability to look at whole person health – not just a set of medically defined symptoms.

Every one of our patients receives personalized support during our protocol. Lyme disease manifests differently in its victims. Some people experience extreme brain fog and loss of energy, while others deal with chronic joint pain and inflammation on a daily basis. Read about traditional treatment for chronic lyme disease and much more

Dr. Wine boiled the numerous co-functioning conditions of Lyme disease into nine major cofactors. We determine how each factor affects your life and use laser therapies, nutrition consultations, and supplementation to attack both the root cause of your illness and the secondary conditions that make you suffer. As far as we know, we offer the only truly holistic wellness program, going far beyond the typical treatment for chronic Lyme disease.

  • On our patient results page, you’ll find video testimonials from dozens of patients who may have regained their quality of life after undergoing our 12-week protocol. We can help you work toward success in the long-term after the program ends. This is how we differ from traditional treatment of chronic Lyme disease.

We focus on cold laser therapies to target the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, but use a variety of other methods to manage and eliminate the secondary conditions the disease may cause. Oxygen therapy, nutrition support, chiropractic care, supplementation, lifestyle guidance, and ionic detox treatments make up our core protocol. Individual results from our wellness program may vary.

  • We’re interested in quality of life, not just medical test results. As a team of professionals with personal experience dealing with Lyme disease, you will appreciate our kind and compassionate approach. Feel free to talk with us at your twice weekly sessions and ask about our experiences with the condition. Treatment for chronic Lyme disease is difficult, and we know that it’s an individual journey. We look forward to diversifying our program and our understanding of the illness with patient insights.
  • We identify the root of Lyme disease and its cofactors. In most Lyme disease cases, the spirochete bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi causes the condition. Frequently nicknamed an imitation disease, the various symptoms of Lyme disease make it incredibly difficult to diagnose. Individuals may wrongly treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other conditions, when Lyme disease lies at the center of the symptom profile.

Our unique laser-centered protocol for Lyme disease first attacks the tough biofilm protecting the spirochete to improve the body’s fighting ability, and then addresses the secondary conditions that accompany Lyme disease.

  • Our program is just 12-weeks. Time and again, we’ve found that 12 weeks marks the ideal time point. Since we never use gut-damaging or invasive therapies, we are confident you will improve from day one. We look forward to showing you the difference even a few weeks under our guidance can make. Find a location.
  • Our team offers a program dealing with Lyme disease in patients of all ages. Whether you’re 10 or 75, we can develop a personalized plan to help you fight the pain and discomfort of Lyme disease. Over the long term, you might find that you saved money you might have spent on unreliable treatment for chronic Lyme disease, and discovered a renewed peace of mind that you can now take back control over your life.

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Get Started With A Program That Goes Beyond Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

If you’re interested in the possibilities our unique protocol offers, don’t wait to begin the assessment process. Lyme Laser Centers is currently expanding, and we may not offer our unique assessment completely free in the future. Take a step in a new direction and discover a variety of options. For more information about the assessment, our experiences, and how our protocol might differ from your current treatment for chronic Lyme disease, call our North Andover office at (978) 725-5963.

Treatment For Chronic Lyme Disease

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