The top things you should never do if you have LYME

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There is a big difference between self acclaimed and real “Lyme Literate Doctors”. The saying “You don’t get Lyme till you get Lyme” is incredibly accurate. The truth is that the large majority of doctors that treat Lyme have never had it.

Keep in mind while reading this article that Lyme disease is not an ordinary disease, nor should it be treated like one.


  • Stop eating sugars and Carbs:
  • Trying to get healthy when you have Lyme can offer unfavorable consequences. A large majority of Lyme patients are told to stop feeding the bugs. The fact is the spirochete is only interested in two things, food and making more spirochetes. The most abundant source of food in the body for the spirochete is the gut flora that is in your digestive tract. By eating your gut flora the bugs accomplish several things.

    1. They feed themselves.
    2. Since 75% of your immune system is derived from the gut flora, eating it will lower your body’s natural defense systems which in turn attacks the bugs.
    3. It also eats away its competition for the foods that you consume.

    The foods that the bugs like the best are sugars and things that turn to sugars, carbs. If you keep feeding the bugs they will stay in your gut, but if you stop feeding them they are going to look for another source of food. The second largest food source is called the “myelin sheath” which is the coating around each neuron. The largest amount of neurons in the body is the brain and spinal cord. Hence the top symptoms of Lyme are, brain fog, chronic fatigue, memory loss, anxiety and other neurological problems. Keep feeding the bugs…

  • Take statin drugs for lowering Cholesterol:
  • As stated above, some of the worse symptoms of Lyme are neurological and often are the result of a diminished “myelin Sheath”. Look at this like the rubber coating around the electrical wires on anything that transmits electricity. An interruption in that coating results in a short circuit. The same thing applies to your neurological system. This “myelin sheath” is vital for the transmission of neural/mental impulses and is made of CHOLESTEROL. One of the worst things you can do is eliminate any more of that coating which is exactly what statin drugs do.

  • Take Antibiotics:
  • This subject is very delicate. The reason being is that most of all doctors give antibiotics as their first and unfortunately only option. Antibiotics work, but only in the first few weeks of being infected. After the “BioFilm” has been established which takes approximately three weeks, the antibiotics can no longer get to the spirochete.

    Your best chance of beating Lyme disease is directing your treatment towards the “Bio-Film”. Deteriorating your immune and defense systems by taking antibiotics is certainly not a wise solution. Now all of you that just said that “well taking antibiotics certainly helped me” do not understand the dynamics of why you felt better while taking antibiotics. When the bugs get scared (from antibiotics or for that matter anything natural as well) they quickly search shelter under the protective bio-film. General rule of thumb is that three to four weeks after stopping to take the scarring agent the bugs come out to play and you start to feel the symptom all over again and in most cases worse.

  • Trust Doctors:
  • This is also a very touchy subject. There are only three directions that doctors take when addressing /treating Lyme disease. First is attempting to kill the spirochete, second is to boost the body’s own immune system and third is to treat the co-infections. Thirty years of doing these has not rendered very good results. There is a forth solution that is rarely brought up because it has proven to be impossible to figure out. That is until now. That is, focusing on deteriorating the protective “BioFilm”.

The focus at the Lyme Laser Centers is twofold. First deteriorate the “BioFilm” so that the spirochetes can be eliminated. And second, is to help you fix the things that Lyme has already done to you.

At the Lyme Laser Centers every person that works there, starting with the head doctor himself to each and every employee has had Lyme and has done the “Lyme Laser Protocol” with outstanding results.

The approach at the Lyme Laser Centers is different and effective.

Please don’t give up on yourself and make one more phone call to talk with someone who knows what you are going thru. “You don’t get Lyme till you get Lyme”.


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