Lyme Doctor Massachusetts

Lyme Doctor MassachusettsIn a search for a Lyme doctor, Massachusetts residents can find a useful alternative with Dr. Wine at Lyme Laser Centers. Diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1990, Dr. Wine has slowly transitioned his medical focus entirely to Lyme disease. He developed the 12-week program our center uses today to address the bacteria that causes Lyme disease and the cofactors that contribute to many associated conditions. If you struggle with Lyme disease, consider us as your choice when searching for a Lyme doctor in Massachusetts.

Your Go-To Name When Searching For a Lyme Doctor in New England

We begin our protocol with a comprehensive assessment. Designed to hone in on the specific cofactors affecting your life, the detailed questionnaire gives our team the ability to cater the 12-week program to your specific needs. Some of the people who visit us experience chronic joint pain as the result of their conditions, while others struggle more with extreme fatigue and depression. With the results of your assessment, your Lyme doctor can recommend a protocol focused on cold laser therapy, chiropractic care, oxygen therapy, dietary changes, and more.

All patients receive a 200-page binder when they enter the program. Filled with helpful information, actionable tips, and educational materials, you can keep the binder with you long after the protocol ends to support your ongoing health goals. Different than many Lyme doctors in Massachusetts, our founder is one of the only medical professionals in the field with firsthand experience of this life changing condition.

Cant Find a Lyme Doctor In Massachusetts Who Understands The Disease?

After contracting Lyme disease in 1990, Dr. Douglas Wine struggled with Lyme disease symptoms, including joint pain and chronic headaches. He quickly identified the root of his symptoms and began searching for a viable program that addresses it. Traditional treatments by Lyme doctors in Massachusetts and consultations provided few answers, and Dr. Wine decided he needed to take matters into his own hands. Read more about Dr. Wine’s journey with Lyme disease.

Dr. Wine spent eight years developing his proprietary Lyme laser protocol. Since 2008, he has worked with many people who suffered from the same debilitating illness. The program penetrates the biofilm surrounding the spirochete bacterium causing Lyme disease, and makes it vulnerable. Combined with holistic healthcare, the program works toward wellness and and the goal of relief, providing an excellent alternative from a traditional Lyme doctor in Massachusetts.

Finding A Top Lyme Doctor is Difficult, Come to Us

If you need a Lyme doctor, consider the wellness protocol provided by Lyme Laser Centers. We’re rapidly expanding our operations to include other health care facilities in the area. Here, you can count on a team that understands your needs and puts your best interests first. Learn more in our video documented testimonials.

Lyme disease can make anyone feel chronic pain, lethargy, and general malaise. Don’t let another Lyme doctor, Massachusetts, tell you that antibiotic regimens, anti-depressants, and pain management therapies offer the only relief. We have experience working with people who are fighting this debilitating illness. Stop searching for a Lyme doctor, and contact our North Andover office by phone at (978) 725-5963.

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