Lyme Disease Treatment Massachusetts

Lyme Disease Treatment MassachusettsFor Lyme disease treatment, Massachusetts residents might not know where to turn. If a unique wellness program sounds intriguing to you, at our North Andover location, you’ll find everything you need to begin a journey toward better health. We specialize in a Lyme disease protocol, which consists of a proprietary 12-week program. Our team does not use traditional therapies such as antibiotic regimens or pharmaceutical pain relievers to obtain results. Instead, we rely on Lyme disease-targeting lasers, oxygen therapies, and other noninvasive forms of therapy. Those that have tried Lyme disease treatment in Massachusetts to no avail can try our noninvasive protocol.

Those Who Looked for Lyme Disease Treatment Massachusetts, Try Our 12-Week Program.

Your journey with Lyme Laser Centers begins with a free in-office assessment. The Lyme Cofactor Assessment typically takes about an hour to complete, and evaluates all of the major co-occurring conditions that complicate Lyme disease treatment. Massachusetts, and all, experiences some of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the country. One small bite from a barely visible tick is all it takes to change your life forever.

After the assessment, founder Dr. Douglas Wine will sit down with you and discuss the results. We take individual answers into careful consideration as we develop your specified protocol. For some people, the program requires major lifestyle changes. For others, it may involve stress management support and infection care. Every person experiences Lyme disease differently.

Once you agree to enter into the 12-week program, we can begin whole body protocol to strive toward restoring your health. Our team provides what you need to get started, including a 200 page binder full of information, supplements, and an oxygen mask. Participants come into the office twice a week during the 12-week period. We can help you get back to your life, in a different way than a typical Lyme disease treatment doctor would. Explore our testimonials.

Tried Lyme Disease Treatment Massachusetts? We Have A Different Approach.

While some Lyme disease treatment patients feel better on strong antibiotic regimens and traditional treatments, many experience little change or feel worse. Our unique Lyme protocol is based on a proprietary idea known as the Lyme Cofactor Principle. In practice, Lyme disease = 1 + 9. Disease sufferers do not merely experience one condition with a set of symptoms; they experience one condition that can manifest as 9 different cofactors. In targeting both the condition and the cofactors, we can work better to help eliminate the pain and suffering caused by Lyme disease. Read more about the Lyme Cofactor Principle.

If you’re unhappy with your treatment and cannot find relief from your Lyme disease symptoms, consider the offerings from Lyme Laser Centers. Our founder and all of our North Andover staff members have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. We understand the struggle, and we are dedicated to helping you work toward overcoming this punishing disease. For something different from your traditional Lyme disease treatment, Massachusetts residents can call (978) 725-5963 to learn more about our 12-week wellness program.

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