Lyme Disease Treatment Center

Lyme Disease Treatment CenterFinding the right Lyme disease treatment center can make a big difference in your life. At Lyme Laser Centers, we eschew traditional antibiotic and pain management therapies for Lyme disease in favor of a holistic approach focused on the mind, lifestyle, and body. All of our staff members, including founder Dr. Douglas Wine, were diagnosed with Lyme disease, and everyone participated in our proprietary 12-week treatment protocol. We offer firsthand experience and patient testimonials to help our patients understand the life-changing effects that may result from our unique wellness regimen. Watch our patient stories.

More Than A Lyme Disease Treatment Center

Trained in chiropractic medicine, Dr. Wine lived in Europe for a time while treating many athletes and celebrities. After his own diagnosis and failed Lyme disease treatment experience, he decided to investigate the illness on his own. Through eight years of research and many more of protocol development, he created his comprehensive 12-week program.

Using Lyme bacteria-targeted lasers, oxygen therapy, chiropractic support, nutrition guidance and other patient-specific methods, the biofilm that protects the bacteria at the root of Lyme disease is targeted and weakened. Combined with supportive therapies designed to address co-occurring illnesses, we can strengthen the body and mind to best fight against Lyme disease. We may ask you to give up soda and your daily coffee, but we believe our program is worth the sacrifice.

Need A Lyme Disease Treatment Center? Complete Your Assessment With Us

Before you decide to participate in our program and begin any laser therapy, we ask you to complete our proprietary assessment in-office. The comprehensive assessment takes about an hour to complete, and identifies which of the nine recognized cofactors are affecting your life the most. If we understand how the disease affects different systems in the body, we can better develop a plan designed with your needs in mind. When it comes to a Lyme disease treatment center, the wellness program at Lyme Laser Centers is an excellent alternative.

After the assessment, Dr. Wine will discuss your results with you and develop a schedule for the program. We ask all of our 12-week program patients to come to our Lyme disease center twice a week for personalized therapy. While individual results vary, but we will help you to the best of our ability to find comfort when beginning our program, and in every step of the process.

Don’t Wait to Reach Out to A Lyme Disease Treatment Center

A Lyme disease treatment center is one way to go for care, but we believe our comprehensive wellness program can change lives for many patients. We plan to partner with many of the area’s medical facilities and offer programs in new practice areas. We may not offer our initial assessment and consultation for free for very long. Today, you can take advantage of all we offer, including access to a team of staff members who understand Lyme disease. It is rare to find a Lyme disease treatment center that offers compassion, validation, and support like we do at Lyme Laser Centers.

Take what might be your first steps towards better health today. Call us at (978) 725-5963 to learn more about what makes us different from a Lyme disease treatment center.

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