Doctors Who Treat Lyme Disease

Doctors Who Treat Lyme DiseaseYour search for doctors who treat Lyme disease might have been long and difficult, and you might be feeling frustrated. If you are interested in a unique Lyme disease protocol that might help you get your life back on track, Lyme Laser Centers is here. Dr. Douglas Wine was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1990. Since then, he has dedicated his research and career to uncovering Lyme protocols for himself and others who suffer from the same condition. Today, he and his team of Lyme disease survivors offer a one-of-a-kind 12-week program to those searching for a best plan of action on which to face this painful and life-altering disease. Learn more about the first steps you can take to work toward increased comfort after months or years of struggle.

Experienced Lyme Disease Doctors at Lyme Laser Centers

At Lyme Laser Centers, our Lyme disease doctors include our founder, Dr. Douglas Wine, and affiliated practices that adopt our proprietary 12-week program. Unlike doctors who treat Lyme disease, we set ourselves apart with a holistic approach to this complex illness.

For years traditional physicians have relied on antibiotic regimens and symptom management therapies to help Lyme disease sufferers find relief. Unfortunately, many of these treatments only worsen the experience of living with Lyme disease, and provide little long-term hope. Our Lyme disease doctors recognize the multifaceted nature of the tick-borne illness.

To recover from Lyme disease, patients often need a treatment regimen that addresses the bacteria at the root of the disease as well as the simultaneously occurring conditions that destroy an individual’s quality of life. Our doctors use a comprehensive assessment process to identify exactly how the disease affects a person’s life. Using the information provided, we create a customized wellness program centered on our Lyme-specific laser therapies.

Our Lyme disease doctors may recommend a variety of other exercises, including oxygen therapy, nutritional changes, oscillation, fungus and infection treatments, and lifestyle changes. Together, these whole body changes address the bacteria at the root of Lyme disease, and the cofactor conditions that may arise. Dr. Wine isolated the most common cofactors associated with the disease during his decades of research.

Our North Andover office is equipped to address cofactors including neurological problems, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, infection, and more. If you have been searching for a great option from the hundreds of doctors who treat Lyme disease, we offer a unique program— visit us at Lyme Laser Centers. Like us on Facebook to learn more.

Tried Doctors Who Treat Lyme Disease? Try Our Program.

At Lyme Laser Centers, we are currently expanding our practice. Medical providers interested in specializing in Lyme disease treatment can partner with us and offer our unique multifaceted approach to Lyme disease therapy. We do not use antibiotics, which can harm a patient’s beneficial gut bacteria, and we don’t conduct invasive procedures during the course of the Lyme disease protocol.

If you can’t name doctors who treat Lyme disease in your area, consider adding our name to the list of Lyme specialists in New England. Our area of the country sees a higher concentration of Lyme disease cases per year than anywhere else. Together, we can help people find a great quality of life and get them on their way to putting the devastation and suffering that comes with Lyme disease behind them. We offer our well-known name and digital marketing presence to help all of our doctor affiliates spread the word about their new local practice offering Lyme disease therapy. We can make a difference in peoples’ lives using our program. Ready to join us?

Have You Searched for Lyme Disease Doctors Patients Trust?

Lyme disease presents itself differently from person to person. Some people live for years before they begin experiencing symptoms, while others notice immediate and life-altering changes. The nature of the disease undermines the success rates of traditional treatment methods. Our Lyme disease doctors understand the complexities of working with Lyme disease patients.

The laser procedure at the center of our protocol attacks the biofilm surrounding the spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Once we lower the disease’s protections, we can actively fight against the condition and address cofactor conditions you may experience on a daily basis. Within the 12-week timeframe, you’ll understand why more New England residents trust Lyme Laser Centers as more than Lyme disease doctors offering a unique program.

Many of our staff members have struggled with Lyme disease, and they have all undergone the 12-week treatment program. Feel free to talk with our administrators and treatment providers about their own experiences with the program. Our staff members can give you firsthand details about how the treatment program may have changed their lives. Here, we believe in transparency and a customized approach. We will never force patients into a one-size-fits-all program arrangement.

You’ll be able to come into the office twice a week and learn more about your condition, lifestyle changes that can enhance your quality of life, and what you can do to help maintain the result over time. Our team can give you everything you need to live a successful and fulfilling life after Lyme disease.

Need Doctors Who Treat Lyme Disease? Learn About Our Protocol.

If you’re skeptical about our program, that’s okay. Many first time patients have lived through multiple failed treatment attempts. We encourage everyone who suffers from Lyme disease and the loved ones of Lyme disease sufferers to watch our video testimonials and engage in personal research online. Most of the literature on this complex disease describes symptoms and epidemiology, but fails to provide concrete information about proper wellness protocols. Lyme disease affects many different systems of the body, which makes addressing it completely a complex goal. At Lyme Laser Centers, we have founded a program for many sufferers. Trust Lyme disease doctors to help you on your way to overcoming this serious disease.

Whether you’re an individual looking for answers or a health care professional searching for a better offering, remember our North Andover location. For more information about doctors who treat Lyme disease, call our office at (978) 725-5963.

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