This is my story.

In December 1989 my wife and I were visiting family in the Boston area. We had spent the past ten years living in France and Switzerland and were considering moving back to the States.

We found a property that we fell in love with located just north of Boston and bought it immediately. In the Spring of that year I took some time off to clean up the property. There was an old hollow Cherry tree in the back of the property that needed to be taken down. In the first cut, thousands of ticks came flooding out of the now exposed center of the tree. At the time, I was unaware of the risks associated with getting bitten by a tick and continued my work. That evening, I pulled several ticks off of me, all of which had “bitten” through my skin and were well attached. The following day, I continued to clear the remaining tree limbs and brush as planned, without any concern for the events of yesterday.

A few days later I was back in France after a long week of work on our future home, I found myself complaining that my joints and head were giving me some issues. I chalked it up to a combination of working hard and the Jet Lag from the trip home.

Weeks and months went by and I never seemed to shake whatever was bothering me. I contacted several doctor friends and did the routine blood tests, exams, etc. which revealed nothing.

My symptoms just kept getting worse and I started to get worried. Then it hit me. Everything started just after that week-long trip at the new house.

I contracted Lyme disease.

Further tests revealed nothing despite my having every symptom associated with Lyme

Here is where I differ from most other lyme sufferers. I was fortunate enough to have resources to many of the top Doctors in France and Switzerland and consulted many of them to give me their opinion of how to manage Lyme. There was very little information on Lyme Disease at that time and I fell short on gathering information on what to do. I knew that the closest know Disease to Lyme was Syphilis. I found a Syphilis specialist near Zurich and with his help I was able to keep the Lyme at bay for the years to come using all natural remedies and therapies.  There was one piece of advice that he offered me and that was the best thing I can do is to keep my immune system as strong as possible. In order to do so he suggested I stay away from antibiotics, that they were not the solution and would only deteriorate my defense systems.

Fast forward to 1995 when my wife and I decided to pack up the kids and move back to our new home near Boston.

During my travels I was introduced to Dr. Rick Amy, a well-known expert in his field of laser technologies. For the next 5 to 6 years, Dr. Amy and I worked together to develop several modalities and protocols using Lasers, ionization, supplementation, and specific millivolt machines for the Health profession.

During that time I had never stopped searching for a valid solution to help Lyme disease sufferers like myself. Years of work and research only brought us to one conclusion; the solution was to find out how to penetrate the “Bio-Film” that the Lyme Spirochete uses to protect itself. We simply needed to learn how.

A Theory was born and eighteen months later. Success…?

Once we figured out how to deteriorate the “Bio-Film” we felt we had FINALLY developed a solution to the dreaded Lyme problem. After months of using our Lyme protocol we knew we were helping Lyme sufferers get rid of the Spirochete but very few people seemed to feel better,  including myself.

It turns out that eliminating the Spirochete does not repair anything that the Spirochete has done to you. The Damage was already done.

Enter, the Lyme Assessment. Comprised of nearly 600 questions, this assessment is developed to provide a detailed analysis of the systems within the body that have been affected (and in most cases, devastated) by Lyme Disease.

Today, our protocol encompasses numerous varieties of laser technologies, supplementation, detoxification, and nutritional guidance that, to date, has helped hundreds of Lyme sufferers get well and reclaim the function and lifestyle that they feared was lost forever.

I would like to say that I figured out the solution to Lyme for others but the truth is, I did it for myself and my family. Now you can take advantage of my efforts to help yourself.

Cheers, to a life without Lyme.



Dr. Douglas A. Wine