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Why go to Lyme Laser Centers™?

At the Lyme Laser Centers™, we have successfully cared for hundreds of acute and chronic Lyme sufferers. Our research has shown that a significant number of our clients have undiagnosed co-factors that severely suppress normal body function and regeneration.

It is just as important to be able to identify what these issues are and address them, as it is to address the Lyme itself. If you haven’t heard about our  Lyme Cofactor Assessment™, visit our Cofactor Assessment page to learn more about it and the science behind our protocol. If you’re ready to take the next step and take the 100% FREE assessment, you can locate your nearest Lyme Laser™ location HERE or complete the form below and we’ll help you find the location that’s right for you!

Things You Should Know

It’s now been well-established that chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in most chronic illnesses. Diseases such as Lyme, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, ALS and chronic fatigue are all turning out to be expressions of chronic infections.

According to the CDC, there are between 300,000 and 500,000 new cases of Lyme disease diagnosed in the United States each year. This is about 10 times higher than initially reported, indicating that the disease is being vastly underreported.

Borrelia burgdorferi does not just exist as a spirochete; it has the ability to live intracellularly (inside your cells) as an “L-form” and also transition into “cyst” form. These different morphologies explain why treatment is so difficult and recurrence of symptoms occurs after standard treatment or use of antibiotics.

The spirochete also produces a protective shield called a biofilm. This biofilm acts as a barrier and is almost impossible to penetrate which makes the spirochete difficult to get to. When the spirochete gets scared, from antibiotics, natural entities or even the bodies own immune mechanisms it goes into hiding beneath its protective biofilm where it can stay undetected for days, months even years.

Fewer than half of Lyme patients recall ever getting a tick bite. For those who are bit by a tick, many do not remember such an event because the tick numbs your skin before biting so it is never felt.

To add confusion to the story of Lyme disease, ticks usually transmit more than the Borrelia organism. They can simultaneously infect you with Bartonella, Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, and Babesia. Any or all of these organisms can travel with Borrelia Burgdorferi and each causes a different set of symptoms.

Lyme transmission is NOT exclusively attributed to ticks, however. Lyme disease can also be spread by humans, household pets, birds, all rodents, squirrels, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, mites and more.

When a person has Lyme, they often have some co-infections. Simply put, you can get infected by one spirochete and wind up with multiple co-infections. Each patient with Lyme disease presents differently based upon their co-infections, making a standard treatment plan impossible. Treatment is based upon presentation of symptoms.

Many Lyme patients who battle this disease on a daily basis appear healthy, which is why Lyme disease has been called “the Great Imitator.” With Lyme, the most disabling symptoms are always invisible. You never feel completely well, there is always some issue to deal with and, as soon as one symptom retreats, another appears.

Lyme disease is also notoriously difficult to diagnose and laboratory tests are known to be unreliable. It is difficult to test for Lyme for a variety of reasons but one of the main ones is that there are so many species of the germ and only a handful of strains are detectable with current lab science technology.


Still not sure if you have Lyme disease?

We understand how you feel! Which is why we offer our Lyme Cofactor Assessment™ and a consultation with a Lyme Laser™ affiliated Doctor at absolutely no cost to you.

Many Lyme sufferers spend years and thousands of dollars getting misdiagnosed or treated with no success. It is our goal to help you learn more about Lyme disease, how it may be affecting you, and what our proprietary system can do to help you, all without spending a single penny.

Take a step in the right direction and find the Lyme Laser™ location nearest you.

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